Album Root System is a personal record of one journey. A journey from the self that I have wished for to the one I have finally become. It’s all the steps and leaps, stops, looks both back and forward, it’s a journey in time and space, it is a movement from a single point A to a vast array of directions. A number of extraordinary musicians have helped me in search of my own identity and are still by my side. Now we’re bringing forth one of the versions of our shared world view. At points it’s a magnified close-up – elsewhere a large whole seen from the bird’s eye perspective – yet it always remains ours.  Some compositions on this recording reflect certain periods of my life (Apprentice, Eastern Herbs), others are bound to a specific feeling (Hernia, Blues 218) or are dedicated to a close or seemingly distant person (Balad, The Cheese Cedar). Finally, however, they reflect the music that is speaking to me – music that has significantly affected me throughout my life. By disentangling the tiniest root hairs of our music, you might be able to discern where from and where to we are headed. Or simply join us on the journey

Line up

Marek Kotača – alto saxophone
Radek Zapadlo – tenor saxophone
Martin Uherek – guest,tenor saxophone
Martin Konvička – piano
Peter Korman – doublebass, composition
Kristián Kuruc – drums

Recorded and mastered by Jan Košulič in Orlí Street Theatre Recording Studio Brno

Graphic desing by Peter Chmela & David Chmela

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